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CTX Prime GT is designed to withstand the most extreme performance 4 stroke engine.
Its composition’s made of Synthetic Plus base stock, combined with specially optimized additive
technology. Giving longest oil drain interval and highest performance with super low oil volatility rate.

Using CTX ZearSynth (Zero Shear Synthetic) technology to ensure the maximal engine protection, with no shear or viscosity loss during the entire oil use, even under severe usage and extreme weather.

CTX MultiEster in PRIME GT is used at the highest possible concentration to bring the ultimate performance by lowering the coefficient of friction and protecting the engine block from breaking or cracking, while keeping your engine clean and improve mechanical efficiency while reducing engine temperature. This technology is being use in most extreme racing engine. It can be use in naturally aspired engine, turbocharged and supercharged engine.

Using high performance API SP additive to ensure maximum engine protection. This oil is designed for Tropical and warm climate, it can be use in high performance, local, import and exotic cars. It will protect engine from critical failure in hot temperature.

Application : Naturally aspired, turborcharged and supercharged engine

0w20 : API SP-RC / ILSAC GF-6A
5W40 : API SP-RC
5w50 : API SP-RC

Very good stability in high temperature condition
High resistance against contamination.
Very Low foam characteristic.
Very Low volatility and evaporation.
Great lubricity for improved surface finish and increased energy efficiency.
Clean burning, therefore little or no residues resulting in reduced cleaning costs.
High thermal and oxidative stability providing extended drain intervals.



VOLUME: 1000ml

CTX Prime GT - Oli mobil (PCMO) Full Sintetik Ester - 0w20 5w30,40,50

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