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CTX REV ECO is formulated using newest technology of semi-synthetic base oil to ensure optimum protection and longer drain interval compared to traditional mineral or semi-synthetic engine oils. This newest kind of semi-synthetic 2.5 has been proven effective in protecting the oil from oxidation in extended drain interval.

Using high performance API SP additive to ensure maximum engine protection. This oil is designed for Tropical and warm climate, it can be use in local and import passenger cars. It will protect engine from critical failure in hot temperature. API SP is fully backward-compatible with previous API service categories, including API SN PLUS, SN, SM, SL or SJ

Application : Naturally aspired, turborcharged and supercharged engine

10W40 : API SP-RC

Effective high-temperature piston deposit control
Effective wear protection and soot control to prevent lubricant thickening
Maximum foam control
Provide optimum viscosity during high and low temperature operation
Good anti-oxidation properties
Low volatility and evaporation

VOLUME : 1000ml

CTX Rev ECO - Oli Mobil (PCMO) Semi Sintetik - 10w30 / 10w40

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